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Tribute to dong bang shin ki

Tribute to dong bang shin ki 동방신기 tohoshinki TVXQ 東方神起

they look simple...with not much makeup...no emo eyeliner-ed eyes...no fiery hair colour...geek-ing around with their oyaji gags and lame actions..showing a very simple and easy-going side of an entertainer that we (normal people) has never seen before...what attracts me to them was that on off-stage, dong bang shin ki looks like any normal being out there....eating with staffs, playing with dancers, dancing with each other, taking photos with hair stylists....their earnest and humble personality shines through them...they generosity and cheekiness cannot be hidden too....

yet once on stage, they evolve into superstars..shedding their vulnerable and and tiredness states away...wanting to show everyone the real, manly, dong bang shin ki that reaches everyone's expectations of them, not letting any fan disappointed...of course there are times when they feel tired, lonely, sad, weak, frustrated too..they are also human...they all have feelings...having anti-fans and netizens lurking everywhere they are, ready to attack..of course one will feel tired, defenceless....but they did not give up..stressing and telling themselves to not fall due to such setbacks...giving us the best whenever possible..no matter how much it pains them...

but like a bucket of water...when too much water is filled in, one breaks down....not exposing their weakness, crying, wishing that no one has seen their broken side of them...letting out tears...taking a breath of fresh air they were deprived of for so long....no one, and i repeat, no one can understand how they felt except for themselves...the pain they went through...when their will power depletes, how to still put on a smile to reassure us, fans, that nothing is going to happen...

when they went into the the japan music industry, life was unbearable...people dissing them were abundant...yet standing as five, they proved to the people there that with hard work and passion for singing, they were unbeatable...even when many locals disapproved them, they still broke into many hearts, men and women, with their sincere vocals, positive attitudes and willingness to learn...soon charts were topped by them.. '東方神起 no.1 ' were seen everywhere, cds selling hundred thousands, huge posters in all music shops, raising confidence for the five of them and us, fans, becoming the first foreigners that have ever successfully broken into the japan music industry...

many asks similar questions...why do they have such a large fanbase? the answer is very simple....믿어요 miduhyo....because we believe in them..

they make us feel our existence....they make us feel full....they showed us that love can be so simple....they let us know that it is okay to laugh when we are happy and cry when we are sad.....they let us feel that we are fortunate just by listening to their songs.....they made us who we are today...making us realize that dreams can be soo easy to achieve...it doesn't matter who you are, where you are, how you look like, how clever you are, as long as you have the passion and drive, you can accomplish anything...nothing is impossible if you try your very best...they also made us realize happiness is like the stars in the day, although you cant see them, you know that they are always there...

this is dong bang shin ki, best in not only korea, japan, but all over Asia....although we cannot fully comprehend the pain they went through to reach the stage they are now, they know that we will always be behind them, supporting them through all the cloudy days, celebrating their successes and stand as one together...they are the pioneers that built the bridge between countries so that others can benefit from it...yet not taking any credit from it...they are not someone, because they are the one, they respect thus earning respect, they put in tonnes of hard work that no one except themselves can see, hence attaining success...

our love for them will never stop, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH
love, txy

sorry for any grammatical mistakes =)




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